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Welcome to Nanoscience homepage at Northcentral Technical College

The Nanoscience Laboratory provides scanning services for curriculum development within Northcentral Technical College.  We also provide scanning services for other education institutions as well as for the business community by request (see link below).

Nanoscience Imaging Request Form

We currently use the Nanosurf EasyScan 2 Atomic Force Microscope for our scanning services.  

Atomic force microscopy was invented in 1986 to overcome the limitations of scanning tunnelling microscopy, namely that of conductive samples. This openened up a whole new range of applications to nanoscientists, with almost any type of surface becoming accessible at the nanoscale. 

Instead of piezoelectric materials that require high voltages and are vulnerable to creep, the easyScan 2 AFM uses a patented electromagnetic scanner that boasts an XY-Linearity Mean Error of less than 0.6% with low noise and low power consumption. This and similar smart design features allow a significant reduction in cost and size without loss of precision performance. The easyScan 2 AFM makes professional high resolution surface measurements available to everyone.