Technology for the classroom

Jing: A screen capturing tool that allows you to take screenshots and video and instantly make it available to your students.

Uses: 1. Grading student papers while being able to give verbal feedback as you go through it

2. Grabbing screenshots to drop into your powerpoint presentations.

3. Creating brief how-to videos

Sample: Grading Student Paper

 GoAnimate: Create animated cartoons for your class!

Uses: 1. Assign students to create an animated cartoon on a topic to show they understand the material

2. Create an Animated cartoon to present material in a fun and exciting way.

Sample: GoAnimate on a way to use GoAnimate in the classroom

Prezi: A webbased non-linear almost mind-mapish powerpoint tool.

Uses: 1. Present material in a non-linear way

2. Embed youtube videos, pdfs and more

3. Access presentation anywhere from the web

Sample: Prezi on why to use Prezi

 Animoto: Create flashy video slideshows with ease!

Uses: 1. Create a video slideshow to get the class interested in the topic you are presenting

2. Have students use it to add a visual edge to their presentations

SampleEducational Samples

 Quizlet: Create Flashcards for your students to study. It automatically creates games and tests based off the flashcards to help students study.

Uses: 1. Have students create Flashcards as an assignment and they can then use them to study from.

2. Find a collection of flashcards for your topic and share them with the students.

Sample: Pre-Algebra Flashcards

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